Today we are in São Paulo, Brazil visiting our partner ROIG, who has been active in the refrigeration business since 50 years. In the recent years the company has taken a specific move to BITZER services and within only 5 years became one of our most outstanding partners in the after-market segment. Together with its repair services, ROIG is active in the sales of original BITZER Spare Parts and genuine oils.

ROIG has a long and successful experience in compressor repairs and has already offered extended lifetime to more than 50.000 compressors. To bring even more confidence and innovative services to their customers, they have decided to upscale and today they became the 59th Green Point globally.

With the colleagues of BITZER Brazil: Fábio Takahama and Tiago Hirasaki we have seen a very well organized operation. We happily welcome ROIG in the Green Point family.

Another Green Point workshop official opening in South-America.