GREEN POINT, the full service provider for the BITZER Group, was officially opened in Milan, Italy on 29th April 2022


The value of the Green Point brand and the benefits for BITZER customers were explained in detail to Galileo TV's channel by Gianni Parlanti, Managing Director of BITZER Italia S.r.l., and Marco Candotti, General Manager of Green Point Servizi Industriali S.r.l.: “We intend to focus on the concept of energy efficiency, energy cycle, in addition to the classic service cycle in order to guarantee perfect and complete assistance services for the entire life cycle of the product”.

Moreover, they mentioned that it will be essential to focus decisively on the digitalization of workshops; only in this way it will be possible to guarantee efficient predictive maintenance. We can also support the customers with more precise and efficient services than what have been seen up to now.

  • During the opening ceremony, which was also attended by Ms Christiane Schaufler-Münch, owner of the BITZER Group, the participants were able to personally visit the first Italian Green Point workshop. We at BITZER started with the Green Point concept in 2006 and today we have 55 workshops all over the world.