As part of our primary service we offer remanufactured, tested and fully BITZER approved compressors, tailored to your need, as an exchange for your old one. Based on our large local stock we can offer a quick replacement and exchange service. A remanufactured exchange compressor is delivered and the old compressor is being returned to us.

Our remanufactured compressors are fully inspected and undergo unconditional replacement of all wear and tear parts and safety-relevant equipment using our BITZER Quality Kit. Additionally, every Green Point compressor gets a completely new motor, fully BITZER approved. Every component is checked against BITZER standards and replaced if necessary, enabling us to save precious raw material where possible. Remanufacturing is recycling!

Green Point is equipped with a dedicated test bench to check the operational efficiency of the compressors after repairs. Resulting test efficiency is benchmarked against BITZER tolerances as the final quality control.

A complete and local stock of genuine BITZER spare parts is an additional guarantee of the quality and service our Green Point network can offer. To maintain quality, reliability and life cycle enhancement, only 100 % original BITZER spare parts are used in the remanufacturing process. The quality, reliability and safety of genuine BITZER spare parts does not compare to copies, as they are built according to high quality standards and are designed to perfectly match the dimensional and tolerance criteria used in BITZER compressors.

Check the additional services we provide alongside our Compressor Exchange:

  • Lift & Shift
  • Transport
  • Professional Inspections