Compressor repairs
top performance for an
entire lifetime

Compressor repair services with no compromise: replacement of the parts inside the compressor will not be done at random, but will be carefully evaluated and carried out only if necessary. The other major components still in good condition will be carefully checked, cleaned and repositioned. Green Point’s services are valid for all BITZER compressor types: from small semi-hermetic compressors to the largest semi-hermetic screw compressors, from reciprocating open types to largest NH3 screw compressors.

The compressor is the heart of freshness, delivering top performance all its life. To optimise longevity and durability of the compressor, the Green Point service provides special care and expertise:

  • Exchange, remanufacturing and repair are economic, profitable and sustainable
  • Full service: inspection and unconditional replacement of all wear parts and safety-relevant equipment
  • Upgrades and optimisation for compressors

Remanufacturing is recycling! Save precious raw materials and reduce your costs.