Repair services

Applicable for repair of all transport compressors

Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata - India

BITZER India has developed a module for repair of transport compressors at a fixed price for various clients. The module implemented is termed as CPC (Cost Per Compressor). This format of operation has helped to give confidence to the client regarding availability of service.

The rate for repairs of compressor and process will be same in all our four Green Point service stations (Mumbai – Delhi – Bangalore – Kolkata).

  • Client will hand over a buffer stock of some defective compressors to BITZER at their various locations
  • BITZER will inspect and within a day will inform if the compressors can be repaired or any of them have to be rejected (If the threads of housing are damaged and beyond repairs these compressors will not be repaired as per the CPC policy).
  • BITZER will repair and keep the compressors ready for dispatch. This will help to keep stock of repair compressor ready any given time. Buffer stock can be maintained at all the location.
  • In case client does not have a buffer stock BITZER will repair the defective compressor received within the next one day and the compressors will be kept ready for dispatch. Alternatively the service compressor available with BITZER can be given immediately.
  • Compressors to be sent for repairs should not be dismantled nor any oil to be removed since these are to be inspected before repairs.